Jesus of Kneeland – novel

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Jesus of Kneeland

Humorous Fiction: 

“And God so loved the world He gave his only begotten Son.  This worried Happy.” Jesus of Kneeland is the odyssey of a young man whose parents, Happy and Breeze, believe was born from an immaculate conception and is the savior of all human kind.  Wanda Wright of Tabloid T.V. gets involved with our naïve young Jesus, “In this day and age Jesus will need an agent, and I’m that person.”  Through a series of bizarre events such as: smashing an IRS office and being on the Reverend Oral B. Mint’s Glittering Gospel Hour in the Glittering Green Glass Cathedral in Cincinnati, Ohio, the heart of the heartland, we are taken on an outrageous adventure.  The outcome of his appearance on The Glittering Gospel Hour is that our Jesus is believed by many to be the returned Messiah.  The ending is a chaotic and hilarious situation that highlights the absurdity of this tale.

There are scenes and turns of phrases that make you smile and laugh out loud.  The prevailing mood throughout is light hearted and tongue-in-cheek, making for a quick, smooth read and enjoyable story.

 Jesus of Kneeland is an insightful look at contemporary American society.

Some readers’ views

David Contreras, “The characters remind me of a Kurt Vonnegut book.”

Don Reim, “I couldn’t put it down.  I had to find out what was going to happen.”

Laura Cooskie, “You were right—I did laugh out loud.”

From an unknown reader via amazon: “This is a wonderfully satirical take on power, money, and ‘mega-Christianity’. Best of all, the reader really isn’t sure how it will all end. Sit back and enjoy Hagg’s skewering of the hypocrisy we see every day.”

Some highlights:

Mary meets Joseph in Elko, Nevada, move to Humboldt County, California, and become Happy & Breeze.

Happy and Breeze have a baby under very unusual circumstances.

Young Jesus meets Mary.

The family is audited by the IRS and young Jesus goes…(I’m not going to tell you).

The family meets Wanda Wright of Tabloid TV (Live from San Francisco)

Jesus appears on the Rev. Oral B. Mint’s Glittering Gospel Hour.




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